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    Publish time 2020-01-17 09:50    

smart power saver with  internet T600ST-B

Applicable Area:

For three phase commercial, industrial and residential areas with motor driving, such as factories, plant, household, office, building, hotel,  supermarket, etc.

1. Can be used for both fixed and flexible power load. 

2. Can connect to PC and show all electrical data on computer, so it's convenient to control for remote area.
3. Can start power compensation according to power load's real-time working. 
4. With no power load working, the power saver stops working automatically.
5. Power factor can be set 1 
6. Saves up to 30% per month on electric bill
7. Increases motor and appliance life

8.  LCD display voltage, ampere, power factor with press button.
9. Eliminates power surges
10. Reduces harmonics and surge in the electrical system
11. Makes the running machines be efficient by reducing an inductance at the loaded electric charges on machine, through the improvement of power factor itself

Working Conditions:

Altitude ≤ 2000m 
Surrounding temperature.: Minus 25 celsius degree to 55 celsius degree
Humidity ≤ 90% at 20 celsius degree
No corrosive gas, no inductive dust, no explosive &combustible medium. 
Voltage tolerated: ± 10%