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JW7328 (AF001)
    Publish time 2020-01-17 09:31    

The Home  compact type Air Purifier

Product Description

The Home  compact type Air Purifer  is our latest environmental friendly product that we developed in the environmental protection fields.
Environment conservancy .
Drive away the smoke, dust, formaldehyde and bad smell.
Kill virus and harmful bacteria.
Purify the air, protect people from disease.

Technical Parameter 
Rated Voltage: 90V-250V
Rated Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz
Temperature: -10 to 50 Celsius Degrees
Air Flow Rate: 50M3/h
Coverage: 10sq. Meter.

Applicable Area

  • Used for the sanitation of small room, such as refrigerator, fridge, ice-box, cabinet, wardrobe, toilet;
  • Automatic cycle working modes and battery operated.
  • Effectively kill bacteria, viruses and eliminate bad odors.

How to Use

1.     Remove the battery door on the bottom of the unit, install 4 pieces AA 1.5V high quality alkaline batteries.
2.     Press on/off button once and the power indicator lights up. You can see the blink every 3 seconds which means the machine on working.
3.     Press the MODE button, choose the different mode settings.
4.     Please put the deodorizer into the top of refridgerator compartment, because ozone is heavy than air, so ozone will sink.