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    Publish time 2020-01-16 19:32    

High power mouse repeller JW146

Description of Product:

This model Super Ultrasonic Mouse Chaser is a new generation mouse chaser, with adopting dual 
ultrasonic sensor, so as to achieve higher power performance and drive away the mice or rats more 


Homes and apartments
Food service outlets
Farm buildings
Kennels and stables

1. LED for power on indication.
2.Slide switch for selecting fixed frequency,variable frequency operation.
3. Low power consumption, suitable for long life operation
4. No poisons, no traps, no dead pest, non-toxic, non taste.
5. More elegant design.

How to Use:

1. Direct plug the unit into 110v/60Hz or 220V/50Hz power socket.
2. The unit start to operate the mouse chaser function by "Variable" position, then the RED LED and 
   Green LED will be on, at same time, the unit start to generate high variable ultrasonic frequency
   to keep away the mouse.
3. The Mouse Chaser function will be closed while the left and right slide button to "off" position. 
    Also the Red and Green LED will be turn off.
4. While the slide button is slide to "FIX" position, then the unit will be generated a high fixed 
    ultrasonic frequency to keep away the mouse.
5. As we say, this unit uses 2 ultrasonic sensor, left and right slide buttons are to control either one.
6. The ultrasonic frequency could be selected as the follow table for the user to achieve the best 
   mouse chaser performance.

LEFT                  RIGHT



FIX                       FIX

FIX                      VARIABLE

Technical Data:
Material: ABS 
Power supply: 110v 60Hz or 220v 50Hz
Cover range: 150 sq.ft.
Power consumption: for 220v only 3-9watt.
Frequency Range:
Ultrasonic frequency 32-65 KHz or fixed frequency at 27KHz
Certificate: CE & Rohs